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Tiger Underwear:
Tiger Underwear Company went online March 1, 2007 as TigerUnderwear.com
Previously our Company had been known as Tiger Apparel or TigerApparel.com which was established in August of 2004. 
TigerUnderwearStore.com is an evolution of Tiger Apparel and Tiger Underwear that was created in June 2007. 
Currently we own the domain rights to this site as well as TigerUnderwear.net
This org. site was created is to help our customers understand the evolution of our business as  well as our future destiny.
As of January 2008, Tiger Underwear incorporated and the legal name changed from Tiger Underwear to Tiger Underwear LLC which now makes us a legal entity of the State of Washington.
Our business goal in 2004 was to see if there was an interest in a retro style brief from the 1960's and 70's.
Features that could be found on vintage briefs from this time period was "dashes" on the waistband as well as an optional double seat which added longer wear and greater absorbency to the brief. 
It wasn't uncommon in the late 1990's to see on Ebay, circa 1980 JC Penney double-seat briefs selling for over $100.00 each (still new of course and never worn). 
Researching old JC Penney catalogs as well as Sears and Wards showed that the double seat was a common feature that was on all boys and men's briefs during the 1960's and 70's.
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Tiger Underwear Company Logo
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